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Strategic Planning Consultant

Background: The Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) is a national healthcare provider and a leading advocate of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Nigeria. Founded in 1958 in response to pressing reproductive-related problems such as unwanted pregnancies, child abandonment, and unsafe abortion.  PPFN has evolved to a broader and more comprehensive mission focusing on; maternal & child health, adolescent reproductive health (RH), the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the displacement of people due to natural disasters or conflicts. PPFN’s vision is a society where all individuals freely exercise their right to and choice of quality health services by complementing the efforts of the government in making health services available to the most vulnerable by promoting universal access to SRH services that are stigma-free, effective, and affordable for everyone including people with disabilities (PWD).

The Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria’s previous strategic plan, designed for the period 2016-2020, aligned with the IPPF strategic plan and the government of Nigeria Family Planning (FP) Blue Print. It has a focus on guiding PPFN to become an efficient and effective service provider to the beneficiaries of its services. There have been many significant changes in the global and national legal and policy environment since this strategic plan. Since the last strategic plan, new issues such as the increasing number of IDPs, the large population of young people, Nigeria FP 2030 Commitment, and the increasing positive policy environment provided by the revised Nigeria FP Blueprint 2020 – 2024 and IPPF Come Together Strategy 2028. These call for revisiting the PPFN’s strategic framework, identifying the challenges and opportunities, and developing a feasible and visionary roadmap for advancing PPFN’s vision and mandate for the next 7 years. The strategic plan will align with the government of Nigeria’s revised FP Blue Print 2020 – 2024 and IPPF Come Together Strategy 2028. 

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to lead the preparatory process in facilitating for the development of a renewed strategic plan for PPFN for 2023-2030.

Scope of Work: As an organization that is committed to a human rights framework, which prohibits any discrimination, exclusion, or restriction in any form, the new strategic planning process must be embedded in principles of equality and non-discrimination on all grounds. This process should serve as an opportunity to critically review our practices, refresh PPFN objectives, and strengthen mechanisms to hold the organization accountable to its values and principles.

The consultant(s) will work in close collaboration with the lead staff and senior management team to design, develop and facilitate a participatory and inclusive process for strategic planning, ultimately resulting in a written strategic plan for the next 7 years.  The plan should be developed over a maximum of 6 months.  It should include goals and objectives that build on current and prior work and are consistent with the current and potential capacity of the organization.

As part of this process, the consultant, will review and assess the implementation of the PPFN strategic plan 2016-2020, review IPPF Come Together Strategy 2018 and Nigeria FP Blue Print 2020 – 2024. Based on these reviews and assessments, the Consultants will facilitate the preparation of a renewed strategic plan for PPFN for 2023-2030. Specifically, the Consultant will;

    • Assess and analyze PPFN’s internal and external environment including the level of implementation of the Nigeria FP 2030 Commitment
    • Conduct a review of the Nigeria FP Blue Print 2020 – 2024
    • Conduct a review of the IPPF Come Together Strategy2028
    • Review and assess to what extent PPFN strategic plan 2016-2020 has been implemented and identify key areas of success and key areas of challenges
    • Synthesize results of the assessments listed above in report format and identify (alternative) strategic directions for PPFN outlining the rationale for the proposed directions
    • Plan and facilitate workshop/s to prioritize strategic directions
    • Support PPFN in designing appropriate metrics to best align with identified strategic priorities
    • Review the organization’s structure with a view to recommending if desirable, align Departments, sections, and units in order for PPFN to effectively discharge its mandate
    • Draft and finalize PPFN’s strategic plan for 2023 – 2030

Proposed Tasks and Deliverables: It is anticipated that the consultant’s activities and deliverables will include:

    • A planning process document and clear timetable of deliverables including the phases of inception (desk review, virtual and in-person consultations), formulation, and validation;
    • Clear and proactive communication and engagement with staff on needs and timelines;
    • Organization and facilitation of staff, Board, donors, organizations of persons with disabilities, adolescent groups, and other stakeholder consultations;
    • Refinement of key findings and validation with lead staff to finalize a 7-year strategic plan to be launched in 2023, including possible metrics and methods for tracking the progress of the implementation of the plan;

Practicalities and Other Information: The consultant will work under the supervision of the Executive Director and work closely with the Strategic Plan Committee.

The consultant(s) shall:

    • Provide their technical expertise to produce the expected outputs/deliverables in a polished and timely manner:
    • Report on and submit the above deliverables under this assignment to the Executive Director (ED):
    • Maintain regular communication with the ED and the staff during the consultancy period; 
    • Center the importance of participation and inclusive approaches when involving grantees in the input and validation stages of the strategic planning process;
    • Abide by PPFN policies and values.

Role of PPFN focal person/team

    • The Executive Director will provide overall quality assurance for this consultancy on behalf of PPFN and will review deliverables for payment release.
    • The Executive Director and the Manager; Advocacy, Business Development, and External relations will act as the focal persons to interact with the consultant(s) to facilitate the assignment, the field missions, the review of each output, and ensure the timely generation of the comments from stakeholders on each deliverable.

Duration of the assignment: The assignment is expected to start in May 2023 and the project deliverables are expected by early October 2023.

Minimum qualifications and how to submit a Proposal

PPFN seeks proposals from experienced consultant teams specializing in strategic planning for non-profit organizations. Responses to these Terms of Reference are due on 28 April 2023 and should include:

    • A description of qualifications and capacity to do this project, including: –
    • Master’s Degree in the field related to Public Health and/or Organizational Development / Business Administration
    • Experience and expertise in strategic planning and organizational development;
      • Experience working with nonprofit and health sectors;
      • Knowledge and understanding of human rights, in particular, the rights of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups;
      • Experience in facilitating accessible and inclusive consultations and developing accessible materials;
      • Experience convening groups for input; and
        • Experience working with reproductive health organizations is desirable
    • A description of how the consultant intends to accomplish this assignment, including any ideas for enhancing or improving the organization’s efforts to undertake this process;
    • A draft timeline from the initial planning until delivery of a completed written plan;
    • A draft estimate and a full budget of what the project will cost; and
    • Appendices:

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