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The original core mission of PPFN, a private, not-for-profit organization founded in the late 1950s, was to promote adoption of child spacing and contraceptive practices among individuals and couples.  Over the years, PPFN has evolved from this initial narrow emphasis to a broader, more comprehensive mission which takes on board the implications and needs arising from ICPD, the Beijing International Women’s Conference, the concern with adolescent RH, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The resulting package of activities and services focuses on adolescents and young people, designed to promote, protect and enhance their SRH and rights along with those of adults.    Through participation of PPFN’s National Executive Committee (NEC) members, senior national, zonal and state management and staff, as well as partners (government, NGOs within and outside SRH, the private sector and donors) we made the strategic review and planning process as participatory and inclusive as it could possibly be. While the plan provides an internal source of direction, shared values, and a basis for concerted action, we hope that it will also inform and enlighten our partners, supporters and donors so that together we can continue to work harmoniously to enhance SRH and rights in Nigeria and indeed Africa as a whole.

Implementation of the first PPFN strategic plan (1998-2004) significantly advanced the Federation’s ability to attract other donors (or collaborative) funding for projects and activities. We also made remarkable progress in expanding program activities and strengthening relationships with federal, state and local governments as well as NGO and private sector partners across the country. The aim was to enhance collaborative advocacy, program development and service delivery activities. We boosted in-kind and human resources from governments and strengthened our infrastructural facilities and management systems.

The strategic review and planning process which produced this second strategic plan was conceived against a background of rapidly occurring changes (both national and international) to the sexual and reproductive health environment. Clearly, the process has been essential to assure our organization’s ability to remain focused, relevant and effective during the next five-year period and beyond. Equally important, the strategic review and planning process has significantly widened the consensus on the mission of PPFN among its many stakeholders; shown how we can better attune the organization to its internal and external environments, for better performance and greater success; and clarified our options for embarking on the critical actions necessary to lead the advancement of the SRH and rights movement in Nigeria, in the coming years.


the values are read in millions and hundreds of thousands

A society where all individuals freely exercise their right to and choice of quality health services

We believe in doing what is right and appropriate (integrity) using new approaches (innovation) to skilfully and efficiently deliver SRH&R services (competence) by pooling a group of passionate, inspiring and committed people (volunteerism) ; which ensures the continued existence of both PPFN and its programmes(Sustainability)

To champion the provision of comprehensive SRH&R information and services, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, to all people particularly vulnerable groups

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Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria recognizes the commitment of our donors and partners to PPFN’s growth and development, and to the success of its interventions. These donors and partners include: